Vodka TiiV


Produced from the organic neutral alcohol of sugarcane, it is multidistilled and filtered following the most rigorous quality standards audited periodically.

The production process of Vodka TiiV is unique and protected by patent. The brand and product are registered with INPI, MAPA, Receita Federal and IBD, following all national and international regulations and standards.

The organic certification was granted by the IBD through an audit and requires a series of care, such as:

  • soil detoxification for 1 to 3 years for areas in transition from chemical to organic agriculture
  • the non-use of chemical fertilizers and agrochemicals
  • compliance with ecological aspects and the preservation of native species and
  • respect for indigenous reservations and social norms based on international labor agreements
  • the humanitarian treatment of animals and the protocol "Ecosocial All Fair"
  • involvement with social projects and environmental preservation.
    This certification is also valid for the United States and Canada, receiving the NOP-USDA seal and for the European Union, receiving the CE-834/2007 seal.





Vodka TiiV is the first Organic Vodka in Brazil and one of the few in the world. Caring for yours and the planet’s health.

Gluten Free

Vodka TiiV is produced with organic neutral alcohol from sugar cane, pure water and nothing else.

Pure and Smooth

Laboratory tests confirm that Vodka TiiV is free of impurities and aldehydes. This ensures your fun without headache and hangover!